How to Configure Genesis Enews Extended plugin for Getresponse

These are the fields I'm talking about.

These are the fields I’m talking about.

Configuring the Genesis Enews Extended plugin for Getresponse is easy when you know what to put into the fields. I’ll explain how to do that in detail in the following tutorial.

Setting up the Genesis Enews Extended widget requires that you’ve already set up a web form for your campaign in your Getresponse account. In order to use the email optin box provided by the Genesis plugin, you need to find a couple of lines of code from the HTML code for that web form.

Here are step by step instructions:

Step 1. Log in to your Getresponse account, click on the Webforms tab and choose the first option: Web Forms List. You should now see all web forms you’ve created in Getresponse. Choose the web form you want to use and click on the view source link on the right side.


Step 2. In the next view you need to scroll down until you see the box that contains the html code. Click on the Show HTML code button and you should see the HTML code.


Step 3. After that, click on the CSS Styles ON button on the bottom right corner to turn off the CSS. The box says Include CSS styles OFF after you’ve done that.

Step 4. Copy the code from the box and paste it into a Notepad or some another text editor.

Copying and pasting the html code into a text editor makes it easier to locate the code snippets you need to enter to the Enews Extended plugin fields. The next step is searching for the code to enter to the Form Action field of the plugin.

Step 5. Use your text editor’s Search/Find functionality to search for the word “action”.  When you locate the line of code, copy the code inside the double quotes and paste it into the Form action field.


You will find something like this. Copy the code inside the double quotes only.

Next we’ll search for the code snippet to enter in the Hidden Fields field.

Step 6. Now we search for the word “hidden”. When you locate the line of code with “hidden”, copy the whole code – with angle brackets and all to the Hidden Fields field.


Step 7. Now let’s fill the rest of the fields. In the Email field you can simply enter the word email.

Step 8. Fill in the name fields. Because I only used one name field, I entered the text name to the First Name Field and left the Last Name Field empty. If you used other labels for the first and last names, you can find them searching for the word input in the html code. (Check image number 1 on top to see how I filled my own fields).

When you have filled in other fields of the Enews Extended plugin, press Save, refresh your browser and go see how the form looks.

Last but not least – Don’t forget to test your form to see that it really forwards to Getresponse. :-)




  1. says

    This isn’t quite working for me. Basically, it’s not accepting any email address and opens up the form action url in a new window. There’s an error message stating ‘Email address is invalid.’ I can enter the same email address I tried on my site and it will then be accepted.

    Not sure why this is happening as I followed your config to the letter. I’ve got

    * the form action url copied into the ‘Form Action’ field (without quotes)
    * the hidden input type line in the ‘Hidden Fields’ field (the full line of code including the angle brackets)
    * since my form is just requesting an email address, I have ‘Email’ in ‘E-Mail Field’.

    I’m assuming it doesn’t matter if text before/after is empty (I only have a title). If you want to take a look, it’s below the hero image at


  2. says

    Thank you sir! I know pretty much nothing when it comes to code and you made this supremely easy to follow! Just wanted to send you my thanks.

    Much appreciated,


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